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Servicios Para una Educación Alternativa A.C. January 10 and 11, agrarian authorities, communities and non-government organisms made the Caravan of Civil Observation and Solidarity for Chimilapas to San Francisco de La Paz community, in the municipality of Santa Maria Chimilapa, Oaxaca. Those present noted the repeated incursions against communal territory, particularly on the property of San Isidro la Gringa. They were also witnesses to the “call for justice and respect for human rights of the town and the indigenous families who live there.” looks like many Coca-Cola ads with long-haired teenagers teaching the world to sing or sharing a Coke and a smile. But the new “Open Your Heart” campaign by Coca-Cola Mexico is coming under fire.

Consumer rights and health groups are calling on the Mexican government to ban the promotional video depicting young white people handing out Coke as a service project at an indigenous community in southern Oaxaca state. the last week the "First International Congress on Comunalidad" about communal struggles and strategies has taken place in Puebla, México.  It was a plural space with the aim of engaging in rigorous and profound discussions on economic, social and political issues related to the horizons opened through community-popular struggles. This debates on comunalidad, communalism, and struggles for the commons have proven their relevance for the understanding of new social and political problems in moments of crises of capitalism.

Hereafter summary of the article about oaxacan comunalidad  by  the zapotec anthropologist Jaime Martínez Luna, who took part in the Congress:

The history of Oaxaca has been interwoven with principles and values that display its deeply rooted comunalidad. For the Oaxacan people across many centuries, this has meant integrating a process of cultural, economic, and political resistance of great importance. Since the Spanish conquest individualist and mercantilist as it was Oaxaca has responded with a form and reason for being communal that has permitted it to survive even in the face of an globalizing process. The concept of comunalidad, can be seen as the central concept in Oaxacan life. 

nos-faltan-43The report issued on September 6 by the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI) concludes that the Mexican government’s version of the fate of the 43 forcibly disappeared students from Ayotzinapa is wrong and not substantiated by scientific evidence.

Human Rights Activists deeply troubled by the government’s grave mishandling of the case. Experts’ call for the government to pursue further lines of investigation to clarify what happened to the students and provide truth and justice to their families.

The group of renowned experts on criminal prosecutions and human rights was formed by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) based on an agreement with the students’ families, their representatives, and the Mexican government. Their report reflects six months of extensive work to search for the students, investigate those responsible, provide attention to the surviving victims of the attacks and victims’ families, and to develop proposals regarding enforced disappearances in Mexico. days of intense street fighting and resistance in 2006, the Oaxacan people cherished the hope of a change in the exercise of power, and did not hesitate to vote for Gabino Cue Monteagudo. However, after four and a half years, far from eradicating the serious and systematic human rights violations, the current government indifference and lack of action deepened the long time serious situation of injustice that the state had lived. Proof of this is that so far remain unpunished all the grievances committed by the government against the social movement in 2006, a suspicious impunity that shows the existence of a fact amnesty for crimes against humanity committed during the previous administration, headed by Ulises Ruiz Ortiz. In Oaxaca, a state of emergency exists undeclared. The military and police presence arranged between Gabino Cue and Enrique Peña Nieto evidences the policy of criminalization to the social protest. To “guarantee” the Election Day was only an excuse to set Oaxaca, in fact, under siege.

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